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Thread: What are the differences between german and english schools?

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    Default What are the differences between german and english schools?

    do you know of any differences between german and english schools? eg. rules, lessons ect.

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    Default Difference

    • German schools don't wear school uniforms whereas almost all English schools do.
    • Although this is changing in certain states nowadays, german schools traditionally finished soon after or around lunchtime whereas English schools typically finish at around 3.30 although many private schools may not finish until around 5.30.

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    It depends on which school students are attending, just like in America. But, in general, German students attend school for 13 years. Only if they attend a "gymnasium" are they able to receive their "abitur" (their version of our high school diploma). If students do receive their abitur they can either attend university or get a job, usually at a bank. I went to school in Germany for a few weeks and we had 6-7 lessons a day for about 45-60 minutes each, depending on the time of day. There was no lunch break, only a longer fifteen minute break between some classes, other breaks were only about 5 mins. If a teacher was not at school for some reason, the students simply did not have class, there were no substitute teachers. They start school in September, but end in early July. Through grade 10, students would stay in the same room all day and the teachers would come to them, but in starting in grade 11, the students go to the teachers and rotate classmates/rooms. They have pretty much the same subjects as us physics (Physik), math (Mathe), gym (Sport), German (Deutsch), English (Englisch), Latin (Latein), French (Franz

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